Womens rights are a vital issue in Iraq

Women’s rights need to be addressed among essential changes required in Iraq’s constitution.


Carter condemns Israeli/U.S. policy toward Palestine

I’d like to say that Carter has weighed into the debate on U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine, but there has been no such debate in the U.S. corporate-owned media. This book, therefore, might be the opening of a public questioning of U.S. Mideast policy, and it’s about time.

Washington finally brings charges against Posada

On Jan. 11 a federal grand jury indicted Luis Posada Carriles on one charge of fraud and six counts of lying about his illegal arrival in the United States on March 17, 2005.

EDITORIAL: Saddam Husseins execution

The execution of Saddam Hussein was a crude, bizarre spectacle, following a deeply flawed trial process interrupted before this mass murderer’s crimes, and the ugly role of the U.S. in aiding him, could be laid bare to the world.

Somalia, torn by strife, hit by U.S. gunships

As war engulfs Iraq and Afghanistan, another region of the world has been destabilized by war — the Horn of Africa, encompassing Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.