The truth about Gerald Ford: he was no uniter

A fuzzy aura has been generated around Gerald Ford, 38th president of the United States, who died at age 93 on Dec. 26. When I arrived on Capitol Hill in the spring of 1968 as a reporter for the Daily World, House Minority Leader Gerald Ford (R-Mich.) was still spearheading a racist crusade against Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D-N.Y.).

EDITORIAL: The Dream is alive

Dr. Martin Luther King’s “dream” is alive and growing among American workers, in their struggles for what is rightfully theirs: a livable, sustainable world, at peace, where all prosper and opportunities abound for all.


The labor and peoples movements are in the house

Out of the pain and suffering from Bush policies grew determination for a change. The deep desire to stop the death and destruction in Iraq, and the dire need for decent wages, health care, housing and opportunities for young people, brought out the vote.

National AFL-CIO honors Dr. King in Houston

HOUSTON — For the first time, the national AFL-CIO’s observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday will take place in Texas. The AFL-CIO MLK Holiday Observance, a five-day celebration from Jan. 11-15, will highlight Dr. King’s solidarity with the union movement.

Historic inauguration in Massachusetts

BOSTON — A huge crowd, estimated at up to 20,000 people, witnessed the Jan. 4 inauguration of Deval Patrick, only the second African American elected governor of a U.S. state. The election of Patrick, a Democrat, ended 16 years of Republican governors in Massachusetts.