Charles Keller, an appreciation

Both the art and the political worlds will miss Charles Keller, a great artist of the 20th century. Keller, who seamlessly melded art and politics both in his work and in his life, passed away Aug. 21 at the age of 91.

No Child Left Behind needs big changes

While watching election returns last November, I felt particularly proud of friends and family in Montana as they elected to send labor-endorsed candidate Jon Tester to the U.S. Senate.

50 shots and counting

Violence has always been a feature of police work. Marilynn S. Johnson, in her book “Street Justice: A History of Police Violence in New York City,” details the violent history of the oldest (1841), and largest (over 30,000) organized force in the United States

EDITORIAL: Progress on womens rights

Jan. 22 is the 34th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which ruled that state laws barring abortion violate the constitutional right to privacy.