Editorial: Time to give peace a chance

As President Obama opens a new chapter in our history, the world looks to him with hope that now, finally, we can give peace a chance.

OPINION: Obama can end the Israel/Palestinian conflict

(Reposted from talkingpointsmemo.com) If I could say two things to President-elect Barack Obama today, I would first express my gratitude for making me proud to be an American again. His campaign and election did that. And, second, I would tell him that he has more opportunity to transform the Middle East than any previous President.

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza

A sampling of reports indicate the shocking toll on civilians in Gaza.

Gaza crisis: challenge and opportunity for Obama to turn the page toward peace

Time to break with disastrous Cold War policies It’s possible a temporary Gaza truce may emerge in the next few days, but, more than ever, the underlying issues will at long last have to be resolved. And the incoming Obama administration will have the challenge, and the opportunity, to lead the way to peace.