Obstructing labor

Senate Republicans and their Chamber of Commerce friends have drawn a battle line on President Obama’s choice for secretary of labor, Rep. Hilda Solis, delaying her confirmation in an effort to start a fight over the Employee Free Choice Act.

An extraordinary Black History Month

African American History Month is celebrated every February. It is always an important time to not only look back at how a courageous people made great strides towards freedom but also think about how to advance that struggle to new heights.


A day to remember: The inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America

It was a day to remember. The two million people, who showed up in Washington on Jan. 20, constituted a most important demonstration of the 21st century and symbolized the start of a new era in our country and perhaps the world.

End corruption take corporate money out of politics

The brazen corruption of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is deplorable. But some would ask: what’s the big deal? Corruption is rampant in U.S. politics and is “as American as apple pie.”

Believing in government again

All through congressional hearings around the auto loan last month, not one public official or news reporter ever asked General Motors and Ford CEOs the most important question of all: “So how come you guys are so dumb here but so smart in Europe?”

Health care: a human right and a national resource

Public education has long been considered a basic resource essential to our country’s well-being and its continued economic growth, as well as to its pledge of equal opportunity for all. While the concept of a free public education has been increasingly challenged in recent times, the fundamental reasoning remains intact.

King Day 2009

This year’s Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 19, may be the most celebrated commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday since the federal holiday was first observed in 1986. Responding to President-elect Barack Obama’s call to make it a national day of service, thousands of service events were planned around the country.

Editorial: Time for a change on Cuba

Among the new opportunities that the election of a new president and Congress brings us is to end once and for all the vicious U.S. economic blockade and travel ban imposed on Cuba nearly 50 years ago.

Editorial: Peoples business cant wait

President-elect Obama’s now oft-repeated refrain that “the people’s business can’t wait” is becoming more obvious every day.

People before Profits: 2009 forecast -- sunshine or hurricane?

The economic outcomes of 2009 for working people, one year from now, is in the hands of the acutest political struggle emerging over how exactly government should intervene in the U.S. economy to avert a depression? How much more, or what different kinds of, intervention will be required for recovery? And, what is recovery?