AIDS meet rings warning

Protesters shouted and blew whistles when Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson attempted to defend George W. Bush’s record on combatting the AIDS scourge, during the 14th International AIDS conference in Barcelona, Spain, July 9.

Energy Dept. ships plutonium to S.C.

Amidst South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges’ threats to lie down in front of the trailer trucks to prevent them from entering his state, the Department of Energy (DOE) is currently shipping weapons-grade plutonium across the country from Rocky Flats, Colo., to Savannah River, S.C. At the same time, Congress approved a Bush plan to ship the nation’s nuclear waste, starting in 2010, from the 100-some reactors around the country to Yucca Mountain, Nev.

County workers strike over wages, health care

CHICAGO – After working for six months without a contract, 4,000 Cook County employees walked off the job on July 11 for a one-day strike. The workers, members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 31, are seeking higher wages and better health-care benefits. The walkout was the first ever official strike by county workers.

Book gives Mother Jones her due

Labor leaders came and went throughout the half-century of Mary Harris Jones’ (Mother Jones) career. She became an institution among the masses of miners and other working people for whom she fought. Her struggles documented the treatment of workers by their exploiters. She teaches us about the cold-blooded killing of strikers by hired guns and the U.S. Militia, the stark day-to-day realities of slave labor, the lengths to which capitalism will go to maintain unlimited profits and power, and what we must do to end that power.

Book review: Its not when you die, but how

When I started Richard Wright’s book Uncle Tom’s Children, I expected it to be much like Black Boy, which I had read as a child. But this work, a collection of five mid-length stories, was nothing like the story of my memory.

A peoples look at baseball Summer 2002

Recently we lost Ted Williams, probably the greatest pure hitter of all time. During his playing days he bore the brunt of abuse from the press for his disdain for them and his obvious self-confidence.

Racism in the UK

Racism is the most poisonous element in a witches’ brew of reactionary and ruling-class ideas that block a clear-sighted understanding of British political reality. But for the non-white ethnic minorities – who now make up 7.1 percent of the population – racism is an inescapable fact of life.

Chile: Pinochet, the environment and salmon

A sleek, white yacht cruised into the harbor at Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino, February 19. The Edwards, the richest family in Chile, were visiting this hard-to-reach island for vacation purposes and business. And that business was salmon.

The political economy of war

Traditionally, economists have looked at war in one of two ways. First, in terms of the cost of the resources expended on military and the other expenditures associated with war. This approach tries to measure the costs of war not just in terms of the human suffering involved, but also the losses in terms of expenditure foregone, which could otherwise have contributed to development and provision of basic needs to the people.

Maritime employers want return to the shape-up

The corporate media and waterfront employers have carried on a year-long campaign to paint longshore workers as “overpaid, pampered and resistant to progress.” Their propaganda has claimed that longshore wages are over $100,000 a year, while concealing the fact that only about a third of the workers make anywhere near that amount, with many of the rest earning $20-$30,000.

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