A specter haunting The New York Times

A specter may be haunting the august New York Times – the specter of communism.

World condemns Israeli attack

Governments and organizations from around the world have condemned the July 23 Israeli attack on five apartment buildings in a highly populated area of Gaza City. The F-16 fighter jet bombing killed 15 Palestinian civilians, including nine children, and wounded 150 people, and occurred at a time when seven of eight cities in the West Bank have been occupied for over one month.

Foreign policy: Shaping global affairs

American national politics has recently become driven and dominated by foreign and military policy. At a time when the global economy so directly shapes the national economy, and when global issues such as climate change are changing the ways Americans think about their relationship to the rest of the world, it is only fitting that national politics be framed by global politics. The common wisdom of citizen activists – global is local, local is global – has, it seems, finally seeped into the national political arena.

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