The soul of the anti-abortion stance

The retirement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has electrified the religiously based anti-abortion movement, which hopes to get President Bush to name a replacement who shares its views. In the coming debate, you will hear the argument that science says “life begins at conception,” and that therefore abortion of even the tiniest fertilized ovum, or blastocyst, is murder.

Live 8 concerts demand Change, not charity

More than 1 million fans jammed into 10 venues across four continents for the Live 8, 24-hour concert extravaganza July 2 weekend. Two billion television viewers were estimated to have tuned in worldwide.

Editorial: Media chill

A chill is spreading through the media and a cold shadow is falling over the right of the people to know.

Continuity and change in Caribbean immigration

NEW YORK — On June 27 the House of Representatives passed a bill introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) to designate a national “Caribbean American Heritage Month.”

World Notes

Africa: Unions demand action vs. AIDS; Iraq: Committee for a Democratic Constitution launched; Japan: Mayors protest U.S. buildup near Hiroshima; Guatemala: Union office raided; Australia: Protest vs. gov’t labor proposals

In Berlin, a weird vote and an old specter

BERLIN — Weird was the best way to describe German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s tactic: to urge his parliament to vote “no confidence” in his own government. He succeeded. Now, if President Horst Koehler goes along, Schroeder will get what he sought — new elections in September, a year earlier than required.

National Clips

SAN FRANCISCO: Boycott Gallo wine; SACRAMENTO, Calif.: Stop spying on your mom; LANSING, Mich.: Social Security ‘Truth Truck’; ST. PAUL, Minn.: ‘Halt state gov’t shutdown’; MORGANTOWN, W.Va.: ‘War begins with Dubya’

Neighbors denounce anti-gay hate crime

NEW YORK — After a vicious anti-gay hate crime that left a young Brooklyn man, Dwan Prince, comatose and clinging to life, friends and community residents gathered for a June 28 vigil in front of Brookdale Hospital in Brownsville, the neighborhood where the event occurred.

CAFTA We dont hafta

It is urgent for voters to contact their congresspersons this week on the upcoming vote on CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, Jobs with Justice urged workers’ rights supporters in an e-mail message July 1.

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