Jobs: now you see them, now you dont

Workers and taxpayers often lose twice when states and cities give out huge corporate tax breaks in the name of “economic development.”


No fun, but shell keep marching

Carina, 9, and her mother Gloria Herrera have been walking the picket line at Book Covers Inc. in Chicago since early June.


Security officers pick up the pace

OAKLAND, Calif. — Taking a break from leading chants in front of Oakland’s landmark Tribune Tower July 13, Pamela Frazier recalled her experiences working at an unorganized jobsite.

N.Y. teachers mull no contract, no work strategy

It is about 15 months until the current contract between the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the city of New York expires, in October 2007. Already, the union is planning its strategy for the next round of negotiations, with many of its ideas deriving from the results of the last round.


Working day and night in North Carolina

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Jaison Sheppard clocks out from unloading trucks for Frito-Lay at 7 a.m., but he’s not off work. His second job awaits in the parking lot outside. Having put on different work clothes, he’s off to change oil, check spark plugs and fix tires for co-workers and other customers for the rest of the day.