The Little Tramp redux

“We have more power because we know more. They’ve given me earplugs for the noise at least.” The speaker of those words is Venezuelan metalworker Miguel Moreno. He had recently attended a showing of Charlie Chaplin’s classic 1936 film, “Modern Times,” that resulted in his making some demands at his workplace.


Puerto Rico is a colony, not a commonwealth

To call the island nation of Puerto Rico a “commonwealth” is to condone U.S. imperialism’s use of Puerto Rico to further its dastardly goals in Latin America and its use of the youth of Borinquen as cannon fodder for its wars of conquest and domination.


Chicagoans march to stop deportations

CHICAGO — Undaunted by record-breaking midday heat, tens of thousands of people marched for immigrant rights here July 19.


Overthrow: Looking beyond the rhetoric

In his latest work, “Overthrow,” Kinzer widens the scope of his investigations to include a study of over a century of U.S.-organized or led coups, covert actions and invasions leading to regime changes in 14 nations. He believes that these actions have “weakened rather than strengthened American security.”


U.S.-S. Korea unions link up vs. free trade pact

Worried about the failure of “free trade” deals for workers and farmers, U.S. and South Korean unions are joining forces to oppose the proposed Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement.


Gay Games shine bright in Chicago

CHICAGO — The VII Gay Games Sports and Cultural Festival began on July 15 and continued to rock this city through the week until July 22, with over 12,000 athletes, gay and straight, from more than 70 countries competing in 30 different sports.

Weapon of mass destruction

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that Iraq, with a population of about 26 million, in the year 2000 had a total of 195,374 new cases of cancer and 126,677 cancer deaths, most of them children.


The Beautiful Game

The 2006 World Cup has ended. Italy is world champion, France is second and Germany is third. No other world sporting event is truly an international tournament like soccer’s World Cup.


Demand rises for recount in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute has declared Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party (PAN) winner of the July 2 presidential election by the narrowest of margins. However, evidence is mounting that the election commission and Calderon’s party rigged the vote to ensure that he prevailed over his rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, candidate of the left-oriented Coalition for the Good of All.

Bush retreat fails to silence demand: Close Guantanamo!

WASHINGTON — Fighters for justice and peace greeted a Pentagon memo asserting that 1,000 or more detainees at secret U.S. military prisons around the world are protected by the Geneva Conventions. They called for the closing of the Guantanamo detention facility.

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