EDITORIAL: Out of Iraq ... when?

A classified plan leaked in The New York Times July 23 reveals that the Pentagon plans to keep troops in Iraq at least two more years, despite the mounting nationwide and worldwide clamor that the U.S. end its military occupation.


Cuba survives and inspires

Forty-five years ago, Bob Dylan described revolutionary Cuba as “a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it.” Some things don’t change.

Japan-N. Korea disputes snag nuclear talks

The six-party talks aimed at resolving the North Korean nuclear issue ended in Beijing July 20 without agreement on a timetable for full denuclearization. The meeting took place shortly after the International Atomic Energy Agency certified that North Korea had shut down its main nuclear reactor at Yongbyon.

Venceremos Brigade challenges U.S. travel ban

Sixty Americans have just returned from a Venceremos Brigade trip to Cuba, challenging the U.S. ban on travel to the socialist nation. No such ban exists for travel to any other country.


Agent Orange victim, activist dies

Nguyen Thi Hong, 60, a member of the Vietnam Agent Orange Justice delegation that visited the U.S. in June this year, died July 20 in Vietnam from Agent Orange-related cancers.

Iraq Inc.: Corporate hogs feed at war trough

Privatization, a strategy to eliminate public control over vital sectors of the economy, is nothing new. What is new, and perhaps more ominous, is that privatization has become the preferred method by which the Bush administration neoconservatives and transnational global corporations take over and occupy whole countries.

Russia suspends role in European arms treaty

In a move many observers related to U.S. plans to install an anti-missile system in Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 14 signed a decree stating that Russia would suspend its participation in the 1990 Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

Iraq veteran says soldiers turning against war

Jimmy Massey, a founding member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), says active-duty soldiers and their families are turning against the Iraq war as more and more learn the nation was duped into the war by George W. Bush’s lies about nonexistent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

How many more must die? In Senate showdown, Democrats demand withdrawal date

WASHINGTON — Democrats kept the U.S. Senate in session all night, July 17-18, seeking to stop Republican efforts to block a vote on pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq within 120 days.

Rumblings in suburbia for peace, free speech

DUPAGE COUNTY, Ill. — For peace activists, being in west suburban Chicago often feels like being behind enemy lines. But fissures are developing in this land of right-wing heavies like Republican Reps. Dennis Hastert and Peter Roskam and former Rep. Henry “nothing to” Hyde — corporate and bellicose all.

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