Cuba survives and inspires

Forty-five years ago, Bob Dylan described revolutionary Cuba as “a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it.” Some things don’t change.


Agent Orange victim, activist dies

Nguyen Thi Hong, 60, a member of the Vietnam Agent Orange Justice delegation that visited the U.S. in June this year, died July 20 in Vietnam from Agent Orange-related cancers.

On the draft Iraqi Oil and Gas Law

Iraq is rich with a variety of natural resources, in the forefront of which is the enormous oil wealth, that is the real nerve centre of the political and economic life of both Iraq and the world.

Iraq Inc.: Corporate hogs feed at war trough

Privatization, a strategy to eliminate public control over vital sectors of the economy, is nothing new. What is new, and perhaps more ominous, is that privatization has become the preferred method by which the Bush administration neoconservatives and transnational global corporations take over and occupy whole countries.


War toll mounts ... White House panics as GOPers jump ship on Iraq

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers returned to the capital from a July 4th recess with their constituents’ urgent demands for an end to the Iraq war still ringing in their ears.

Darfur, oil and the China card

Darfur has almost become a household word, and with good reason. The first human-made catastrophe of the 21st century, its death count combined with the huge humanitarian crisis staggers the imagination. Whether it’s the 400,000 claimed by some or the 70,000 suggested by the UN in March, the human toll combined with rapes, burned villages and destroyed lives has torn a gaping hole in the fabric of humanity.