For the sake of democracy dont attack Iran

The analysis published by Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker recently [“Preparing the battlefield: The Bush administration steps up its secret moves against Iran”] is revealing in a number of respects regarding the position of the Bush administration in relation to Iran.

EDITORIAL: Ending the war for oil

In 2002, this newspaper issued a bumper sticker that read, “No War for Oil.” Events show how “on target” we were.

Questions about the India-U.S. nuclear deal

The drama is rising over a proposed U.S.-India nuclear pact. India’s left-wing parties, which hold 60 seats in Parliament, are united in opposition to the deal and have managed to thwart it for months. But they now have been pushed to withdraw support of the government because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is going ahead with the pact despite the opposition from the left and others.

U.S. funding terror groups in Iran

As worry mounts that the same right-wingers who got us into the Iraq war are now pushing for war with Iran, journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed that the Bush administration is supporting terrorist groups in Iran that are believed to be linked to al Qaeda and the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, Taliban grows stronger

On June 27, nearly seven years after United States and NATO troops ousted the Taliban government of Afghanistan, the Pentagon issued a comprehensive report to Congress that declared “the Taliban has regrouped and formed a resilient insurgency” and “is likely to maintain or increase its attacks in 2008.”