The genius of Ewan MacColl, lifelong artist & activist

Ewan MacColl is best known as the writer of the Grammy-winning “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” the love song he wrote for his wife and musical partner, Peggy Seeger.


Challenging the Christian rights crusade

The Christian right claims that in speaking out against gay rights it only adheres to Biblical orthodoxy. After all, the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, doesn’t it? Daniel Karslake’s persuasive documentary “For The Bible Tells Me So” begs to differ, arguing that the religious right’s hatred of homosexuality is based on a flawed interpretation of the Bible.


This Jokers no joke

Heath Ledger as the “Joker” in “The Dark Night” has many speculating he may win an Academy Award posthumously for the role.

Fearing voter wrath, GOPers buck Bush on Medicare

Sen. Edward Kennedy’s appearance in the Senate recently, in the midst of his personal battle against brain cancer, to break a Republican filibuster against a bill to save Medicare will go down in history. Days later, on July 15, as the result of a 383-41 congressional vote to override a Bush veto the progressive measure became law.

Obama trip spotlights new direction for U.S. foreign policy

Barack Obama appeared to have scored a major success in projecting “commander-in-chief” ability and foreign policy savvy in his visits to Afghanistan and Iraq last week, and continued that path as he traveled to Jordan, Israel, the West Bank and then on to Western Europe.


Economic meltdown: We need a new, green New Deal!

“Recession” just doesn’t seem to adequately describe the hits workers are taking today. In the old days “recession” meant an economic downturn, unemployment and scrimping and cutting back until better days returned. The current super-recession is putting us through much more hell than most of the “recessions” anyone can remember.