Miami loses two radio hosts to anti-Cuba bias

Media censorship just doesn’t let up in Miami. On June 13, maverick journalist Max Lesnik gave his last broadcast on Radio WOCN where his programs had been heard each weekday for five years.

If not to Venezuela, send Luis Posada to Panama

Jose Pertierra is Venezuela’s U.S. lawyer. He is demanding that Luis Posada be returned to Panama to finish out jail time there in connection with an attempt with three others in 2000 to murder former Cuban President Fidel Castro, then in Panama City.


Cuba Caravanistas Do Dallas

DALLAS, TX – We are one of the cities where routes converge for the dozens of Americans heading for Laredo, Texas, then to revolutionary Cuba. On June 27, 41 of them came to Munger Place United Methodist Church from Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and Denver.

Africa says no to Pentagon

Plans to base the much-talked-about United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Africa have been dropped for now. The U.S. government acknowledged defeat in its all-out campaign to convince any African ally to welcome the installation on its territory. AFRICOM will begin operations this October in Germany instead.

AFL-CIO officially endorses Obama

The AFL-CIO officially endorsed Barack Obama for president on June 26.


Lozano legacy lives on today

CHICAGO — “The great thing about people who lead great lives is they inspire others years later to stand up for what is good and just,” declared Rev. Calvin Morris. “Rudy Lozano’s footprints show us the way for activism in today’s historic struggles.” Morris, director of the Community Renewal Society opened a June 22 gathering of over 250 people paying tribute to the remarkable life of Rudy Lozano, cut short by an assassin’s bullet 25 years ago.