Millions of unemployed need jobs or income now

Unemployment and underemployment are causing misery, homelessness, hunger, and fear in the lives of tens of millions of working class people and our families, devastating communities, and impacting people of color, particularly African-Americans, Latinos, and most of all Native Americans disproportionately.

It's time to put the pedal to the metal

In recent weeks I have seen pundits of various stripes grading the job performance of our new president. I read some of them and they invariably left me with a nagging feeling which I couldn't quite put my finger on until this morning.

No vacation for Congress

It is a disgrace that Congress is leaving the nation’s capital for summer vacation as the American people are left to deal with a healthcare crisis that has exploded into a national emergency. For each day lawmakers go fishing, 14,000 more will lose their coverage.

Sleep disorders on the rise among the nations wealthy!

Goldman Sachs just announced $3.44 billion in profits for the last quarter. The company’s top 60 executives will trouser more than the $20 million they each pocketed last year.

The Henry Louis Gates Jr Arrest: 'Uppity' in 2009

The arrest of famed historian Henry Louis Gates by the Cambridge, Massachusetts police raises some important questions about what this country has been losing in terms of civil liberties and due process.

EDITORIAL Wealthy vs. healthy

The nation’s biggest banks are awash in profits. Wells Fargo reports second-quarter profits up 47 percent over a year ago. It raked in $2.58 billion, up from $1.75 billion for the same period last year.


COMMENTARY Obama, my grandpa and health care

My grandfather retired from Chrysler in the early 1980s. He was what we in the Midwest call a 'stand-up guy.' He worked hard and did his job, but he never took any crap from anybody, especially the foreman.

LONESOME HOBO ECONOMICS Should the bankers be hanged?

Should the bankers be hanged? Their reckless betting of other people's money turned a cyclical economic crisis into a near meltdown not seen since the Great Depression.

COMMENTARY Narrow thinking on health care

HR 676, the single-payer bill introduced by Michigan Rep. John Conyers, is a fine piece of legislation and it is understandable that those who have worked hard for its enactment are passionate about this cause.

OPINION Ahmadinejad on the wrong side of history

To reach a correct judgment concerning recent developments in Iran and the self-styled re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it is vital to view the whole picture: national and international.

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