WORLDNOTES: European Union, South Korea, Occupied Territories, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba

European Union: Youth unemployment skyrockets South Korea: Workers strike over news control Occupied Territories: UN leader issues plea South Africa: President confronts disappointed hopes Venezuela: Poverty is down Cuba: Friendshipment arrives

Honduran regime of fear

Last month Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped by the army and expelled from the country. But last Friday he vowed to re-enter Honduras at a border crossing where thousands of his supporters had already gathered to greet and protect him.

Action needed to avert AIDS 'treatment time bomb'

The goal of achieving universal access to treatment by 2010 has preoccupied the global AIDS community in recent years, but a new report warns that not preparing for the changing treatment needs of people living with HIV will doom the sustainability of treatment programs in developing countries.

Waitress swallows cockroach to prove a point

A waitress at a restaurant in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, swallowed a cockroach crawling in one of the guests' bowl of noodles.

Bull checks in hotel for a comfortable night

A yellow bull running wild entered a hotel in Jinan, Shandong province, and spent an entire night inside one of the rooms last week.

Tension builds in Honduras confrontation

Tension is building in Honduras as President Manuel Zelaya, driven from his country by a military coup, has taken brief but powerfully symbolic steps across the border from Nicaragua, while sending a letter to US President Barack Obama asking the United States to sharply increase pressure on the coup regime.

2,000 people bitten by dogs per day in Sri Lanka

Two thousand incidents of dog bites are reported each day in Sri Lanka, a local English newspaper reported on Sunday.


Castro on July 26: The land is waiting for us

Raul Castro has said that the global economic crisis means tougher times ahead for Cuba, but the country has no-one to blame but itself for poor farm production. In a speech marking Revolution Day, the Cuban president said that the island can't simply pin all its problems on Washington's 47-year-old trade embargo.


Amateur, astronauts, astronomers and the rare Jupiter collision

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has taken the sharpest visible-light picture yet of atmospheric debris from an object that collided with Jupiter on July 19. Computer programmer Anthony Wesley, from a small village in Australia, discovered the Jupiter collision using a telescope in his backyard.

Western public calls for troops to get out

Majorities in the US, Britain, Germany and Canada want their governments to withdraw military forces from Afghanistan, according to polls. As US President Barack Obama sends 9,000 more troops into the country to join the 59,000 US personnel who are already there, opposition to the apparently interminable conflict is hardening in the US, Europe and Canada.

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