Facebook same name couple to wed

A couple with the same name who met on Facebook have confirmed that they will marry this autumn. Female Kelly Hildebrandt, 20, met 24-year-old male Kelly Hildebrandt on the social networking site and sent him a message about them sharing the same name.

TRANSCRIPT President Obama's town hall meeting in Shaker Heights, Ohio

President Obama delivers remarks on health care reform at Town Hall Meeting in Shaker Heights, Ohio, July 23, 2009. OBAMA: I think that activism right now in -- in calling your Congress people, calling your senators, making sure they know this is important -- that's something that everybody here needs to do, because frankly they are hearing from the other side. You know, all those folks who are out there saying, we can't afford this; this is socialism; this will lead to government-run health care; all the folks who are getting ginned up on talk radio and some of these cable news shows, you know, I have to say that they have an effect on members of Congress.

Senate narrowly rejects gun measure

Senate lawmakers defeated a Republican effort July 22 to allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines. The measure was pushed by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., and was offered as an amendment to the annual defense authorization bill, a must-pass piece of legislation.

Obama presses forward on health reform; GOP stalls

President Obama continued his campaign for health care reform this week with a stop at a Cleveland area clinic, July 23. The town hall event came one day after a major televised press conference during which the President confronted Republican obstructionism to health reform and pressed Congress for urgent action.


Port Chicago disaster remembered

PORT CHICAGO, Calif. ― In what would become a pivotal moment in the civil rights struggle, 320 men died July 17, 1944 in a munitions explosion aboard a ship being loaded at the Port Chicago Navy Magazine with armaments bound for the war in the Pacific. This base was the largest weapons transfer facility on the West Coast. Some 1,431 Black enlisted personnel served there together with 71 officers, 106 Marines who guarded the base, and 231 civilian skilled workers.

COMMENTARY Recession related suicides skyrocket in Houston, Texas

HOUSTON – An article in the Houston Chronicle recently documents a dramatic jump in suicides in Houston since the onset of the recession. It points out that many suicides are directly related to the loss of jobs and property as a result of the economic crisis. Total number of suicides in Harris County jumped from 364 in 2004 to 455 in 2008.


President Obama challenges GOP 'misinformation' on health care reform

President Barack Obama got right to the point on health care reform and answered every GOP charge at the July 22 White House press conference.

Student loan bill clears House committee

President Barack Obama’s proposal to make the process of going to college affordable, accessible and fair for all students under the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act passed the House education committee July 21.

Higher minimum wage equals best economic stimulus package

Scheduled to bump up to $7.25 per hour this Friday, July 24, a higher federal minimum wage is the best kind of economic stimulus for working families, said workers’ rights advocates and even some business owners this past week.

COMMENTARY Immigration reform: Castaneda and Jacoby are wrong

In a guest column in the Washington Post on Tuesday, July 21, former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda and US commentator Tamar Jacoby criticize projected comprehensive immigration reform on the grounds that it does not provide US industry with massive new numbers of temporary workers, and Mexicans with enough opportunities to go and work (temporarily) in the United States.

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