Chilean students strike for quality education

Some 600,000 private and public high school students took to the streets and went on strike throughout Chile on May 29, demanding improvements in their education. At least 500,000 youth marched all over the country the next day.


World Cup: Brazil is team to beat

BERLIN (AP) — Brazil is so loaded with talent that it could probably field the best two teams in the World Cup. Lucky for host Germany, the upstart U.S. and a handful of other upset hopefuls, the rules for soccer’s big party — the world’s most popular sporting event — only allow one team per country.

EDITORIAL: Bushs marriage protection ploy

Once upon a time, President Bush threw his weight behind a discriminatory “Marriage Protection Amendment” months before an important election. The amendment was debated in the Senate and failed, not even garnering 50 votes of support. The year? Well, take your pick. It’s happened twice now, in 2004 and just this week.

EDITORIAL: The silent war

When 10-year-old Sireta White went to her cousin’s birthday party she didn’t expect to die. But she was killed in a drive-by spray of bullets. The fifth grader was the second child victimized by gun violence in her predominantly African American Chicago neighborhood that week in March. It gripped the neighborhood and city. Public officials made speeches, but answers were few.


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Conservative wins Peruvian election

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia, whose 1985-90 term left his country in economic ruin, won a runoff election against left-of-center former army officer Ollanta Humala, preliminary results showed June 6.


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