In France, undocumented workers strike for rights

PARIS — Undocumented workers here have done what was once considered unthinkable. Starting in mid-April, they have organized a series of strikes and work stoppages. In some cases the workers, many of whom are African, even occupied their workplaces.

African unions urge action on Zimbabwe

Labor unions from southern Africa have called on the regional Southern African Development Community to send peacekeepers to Zimbabwe to ensure presidential elections take place democratically.

Nepal goes from Hindu kingdom to secular democracy

Millions of Nepali people live in abject poverty but the deposed king is widely believed to have a fortune invested in tea, tobacco and casinos. That, plus the fact that he seized absolute power and imposed an autocratic, military rule, means most Nepalis are glad he’s gone.

World notes: June 21, 2008

South Korea: Conservative president confronts outrage Spain: High fuel costs trigger trucker strike Iraq: U.S. occupation treaty still secret Cuba: World Trade Organization hears dissent Morocco: Troops rout demonstrators Chile: Pinochet-era censorship persists

Highlights from Cannes Festivals 61st season

Cannes is a term that has come to represent celebrities, new international films, recognition of actors and actresses and, of course, money and power as represented by the outrageous expenditure of capital in that southern French town.


UN backs Puerto Ricos right to self determination

The United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization unanimously approved a resolution June 9 calling on the United States to allow the Puerto Rican people to exercise their right to self-determination and independence.

Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects need a miracle

Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia told reporters this month he does not think an Israeli-Palestinian agreement can be reached this year “unless there is a miracle.”

Court gives mixed decision on Cuban Five

In the complicated case of five Cuban men arrested on various charges of conspiracy almost 10 years ago, an appeals court upheld their convictions June 4, while rescinding some of their harsh sentences.


A story of greed vs. love

The movie “Before the Rains” could be used as an example to illustrate the main points of Frederick Engels’ “Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.” Set in 1930s India during the uprising of Indian nationalists, the film shows the effects of capital on love and human relationships. The bottom line is that people who love money, particularly capital, cannot love people.

Unionists raise funds for earthquake victims

New York — In response to last month’s devastating earthquake in Sichuan, China, Local 23-25 of Unite Here, which represents a large number of Chinese immigrant garment workers here launched fundraising efforts for the victims on May 16 at a joint activity with the hotel workers from Unite Here, Local 6.

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