Opinion: The morally bankrupt family values Republican leadership

This week, second term Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina disappeared for six days, leaving the state without a chief executive who could make decisions in an emergency.

The Obama administration and the struggle for gay rights

CHICAGO -- On the heels of extensive protests by gay activists and many progressive groups and individuals the Obama administration has, in the recent period, taken four major steps that move in the direction of solving some of the injustices the LGBT community lives with every day. The president has signed a memo that extends some limited benefits to partners of gay federal employees. Healthcare and inheritance rights are not covered by the memo, with the president saying legislation is needed so these rights can also be included.


The U.S. House of Representatives can take the first step towards saving our planet and reviving our economy by passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES).

Health care mess: how we got into it, how to get out of it

In 1979, the newly elected mayor of Chicago, Jane Byrne, at the recommendation of some labor union officials, named me to be a “consumer commissioner” on the City of Chicago Health Systems Agency (HSA) Board of Directors. I remained in that position for three years. I can’t say that either I, or the HSA, accomplished much, but it certainly was an educational experience.

LETTERS: Iran, furloughs, apologies & right-wing deprogramming

It’s Iran now No to furloughs Right wing deprogrammer Apology is right

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS False hope on the economy unless

In March, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke saw 'green shoots' in the economy. Since then, various economists and government officials have seen signs that the recession may be bottoming out, with hopes that economic growth may start later this year. And many journalists in the business media are joining in, acting like paid touts for the stockbrokers.

Background on the Iranian uprising

Iran entered the 10th presidential election in difficult socio-economic conditions. Four years of Ahmadinejad's government and the neo-liberal policies it pursued (dictated by the IMF and World Bank) meant that the overwhelming majority of the Iranian working class and working people were suffering from unprecedented hardship and poverty.

COMMENTARY Slime covers GOP Senators Cornyn, Ensign

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, head of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, is scrambling to distance himself from Texas financier, R. Allen Stanford, arrested and awaiting trial on charges of bilking people of $8 billion in a ponzi scheme.


Albany coup dtat: Whos to blame?

It’s impossible not to be disgusted by the mess in Albany. The greed, opportunism and self-serving nature of some state senators is mind-numbingly unbelievable.

Letters: Union-busting, Guantanamo Bay, Co-op not the same

It’s still union-busting Guantanamo Bay Greetings Right stuff Highly recommended reading Co-op not the same Improvement

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