Demand grows for federal jobs program

A few days ago, retired auto worker, Frank Hammer, read a union-baiting article in the Dayton Daily News headlined “GM Now A Federal Jobs Program.”


Rosenberg commemoration debunks treason charges

The National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case annual memorial meeting June 18, commemorating the 56th anniversary of the execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, featured calls for the exoneration of the couple, executed in 1953

In California, budget drama grows

SACRAMENTO, Calif. ― Tension is reaching new heights this week in California’s budget drama, with the state set to issue IOUs if the legislature and governor fail to pass a measure within days. The last week has seen Democrats intensify their efforts to identify revenues to help balance proposed cuts, only to have Republicans including the governor reject their proposals.

Health reform? Women say it's about work, wages

As the battle to reform U.S. health care heats up, Cindy Pearson is staying focused. 'This push is our No. 1 priority now,' says Pearson, executive director of the Washington-based National Women's Health Network. 'It's an important time because Obama is voicing his concerns about health care and because both houses of Congress are developing legislative language on the issue that women's advocates will have a chance to discuss, review--and possibly change--before it comes up for a vote in the fall of 2009.'

Attorney General seeks review of cocaine sentencing laws

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told lawmakers that it was time to close the gap in prison sentences for crack and powder cocaine crimes, a disparity in sentencing that has had a large impact on the African-American community. For years drug reform advocates have pointed to the difference in sentencing for powder and crack cocaine as one glaring example of institutionalized racism in the criminal justice system.

Sacked workers achieve total victory

Total workers have won a stunning victory to beat back bosses' attacks on their unions. All the workers' demands - the reinstatement of almost 700 engineers and construction workers sacked for taking unofficial strike action, new jobs for all the workers whose forced redundancies sparked the walk-out and assurances that no-one will be victimised for taking solidarity action - were won in a determined fightback against bosses' attempts to tear up union agreements.

Obama: Climate change and clean energy

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a historic piece of legislation that will open the door to a clean energy economy and a better future for America.

Sebelius reiterates Obama's support for public option

Pressing hard on the urgency of needed health reform, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a set of new state-by-state reports this week documenting the nation's broken health system. She also reiterated President Obama's support for a public option as part of the needed reforms.


Remembering Michael Jackson

I think the first album I ever bought was by the Jackson Five. It was at a record store on Hillman and Kenmore Street in Youngstown, Ohio, and I rushed home to jam to the bubble gum beat and the saccharine sound of Michael Jackson. Today, neither the store, the vinyl LPs, nor Michael Jackson exist.

Pressure grows to resolve Illinois state budget crisis

Chicago — With the clock ticking toward a “doomsday budget” that would devastate state services and cause massive layoffs, six thousand union members, seniors, children, social service agency workers and their clients flooded the Illinois statehouse in Springfield June 23 to demand action by state legislators.

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