Who is Miguel Estrada?

If you ask this question of the Bush White House and the GOP leadership, they will paint a picture of a poor Honduran kid (he actually is the son of a lawyer and bank vice president) who came to the United States, applied himself, learned English, and became an American success story.

Code Pink women say no to war

WASHINGTON – Warning that George W. Bush’s war could kill, maim, or starve millions of Iraqi women and children and squander funds needed here at home, 10,000 women, many with their families, marched on the White House, March 8, chanting “Money for the homeless, not for war.”

Salvadoran doctor appeals for strike support

BALTIMORE – Dr. Evelyn Martinez de Calderon told a crowd here, Feb. 28., that 5,500 medical doctors in El Salvador are still standing strong despite death threats aimed at smashing their five-month strike against privatization of the nation’s health care system.