Wal-Mart and Henry Ford

Wal-Mart is known for the huge profits it has accumulated for the Walton family and its Wall Street backers. It is also known for low pay and savage opposition to workers’ rights.


Bridgestone/Firestone blocks Steelworker solidarity Wireless workers send strong signal to Cingular Bay Area coalition says: ‘Wake Up, Wal-Mart!’ UE chemical workers fight back against Stepan Broadcast employees support single-payer bill


New unity moves highlight labor meet

AFL-CIO charts election strategy, forms new partnership with NEA. SAN DIEGO — A rainbow seemed to appear amid the gloomy clouds of disunity hanging over the U.S. labor movement when the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO announced a new partnership at the federation’s executive council meeting here Feb. 27. The NEA, with 2.8 million members, is the nation’s largest union. It has always been independent of the AFL-CIO. En español AFL-CIO anuncia nueva unidad laboral

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