Cartoon book depicts labors fighting spirit

The opinion cartoon on a newspaper’s editorial page has more impact than any block of copy. A cartoon quickly draws the reader in visually and can make a statement quickly. The drawing simplifies a subject, making it digestible for readers.

Gulf Coast Update

Bodies still being found Bush, lies and videotape Immigrant workers win back pay Act to extend jobless benefits

Oakland City Council OKs card-check measure

OAKLAND, Calif. — This city became the first to tell a cable company it must agree to recognize a union based on card check when the City Council late last month passed an ordinance requiring city franchise holders to accept the procedure.

Reflections on New Mexicos minimum wage fight

Commentary New Mexico has just gone through two major campaigns to enact a higher minimum wage law. One was a ballot referendum in Albuquerque in November 2005. The other was to pass a bill in the recent session of the State Legislature to cover the whole state. Both efforts were defeated.


Globalization and women workers

Is the “globalization” that George Bush supports good or, at least, inevitable, as people from the capitalist class claim? And what impact has it had on women workers?