BOOKREVIEW: True family values shine in Cuban 5 book

Cuban poet Nancy Morejon provides an introduction for this slim volume of letters, poems, drawings, photographs and diary excerpts exchanged between five U.S.-imprisoned men and their family members in Cuba. Readers, she predicts, will cross a “threshold of feelings [into] a vast edifice built on the foundation of dignified sacrifice and profound moral values.” And we do

The death of Milosevic and the death of Yugoslavia

Slobodan Milosevic died recently in his prison cell, tried for war crimes by the NATO states that killed his nation, Yugoslavia, with the bombers and troops they sent to back reactionary separatist forces. Questions continue to surround the circumstances of his death.


WSF photographs develop another world view

Over 80,000 participated in the Caracas, Venezuela, World Social Forum, Jan. 24–29. Nuestro Mundo editor José A Cruz was one of them. Here are some of his photos of the Forum and of the people of Venezuela today.


Steelworkers hit streets for Mexican miners

Steelworkers are rallying in front of Mexican consulates across the U.S. and Canada to demand that Mexico’s President Vicente Fox reinstate the head of that country’s miners union.