Janitors, students force U of Miami to talk

MIAMI — The University of Miami main campus saw action March 28 that would have been unimaginable a few short weeks ago. More than 300 janitors, students, faculty and community supporters stopped traffic on South Dixie Highway, next to the campus, as they rallied to support the janitors’ strike against unfair labor practices by UNICCO, their service-contract employer.

True to its history, FBI still violating civil liberties

According to a report just released by the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated procedures for wiretapping and other methods of obtaining intelligence more than 100 times in the last two years.


A referendum on the Bush agenda

On the color-coded 2004 election maps, New York was blue — not a big surprise. Yet many “red” areas dot the state’s political maps, including nine Republican congressional districts, the Statehouse (held by three-term Republican Gov. George Pataki) and the Republican-controlled state Senate.

EDITORIAL: United we stand

The recent upsurge for immigrant rights is testimony to the rising working-class tide uniting under the banner of equal rights for all. Immigrant rights are fundamental to human rights, workers’ rights and civil rights. The struggle for rights for immigrants in the U.S., as well as globally, is in the interest of all workers along with all people who face racism and discrimination. The upsurge strengthens all working-class fights, especially anti-racist battles.

Autoworkers confront uncertain future

With all the proposals being floated in auto, the one constant is GM’s and Delphi’s efforts to increase profits by cutting jobs and benefits.

Church leader: Let us be arrested!

DALLAS — Church leaders in North Texas participated in a press conference on March 23 at the Guadalupe Cathedral here. They spoke in favor of reasonable immigration reform legislation, and strongly against the “enforcement-only” proposal of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.