Vermonters say: Bring troops home, impeach Bush

Northern New England town meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday in March, just before mud season. Roads are on the agenda, also fire station leaky roofs, town taxes, and, in Vermont, George Bush.


New U.S. warhead could lead to arms race

The Bush administration’s announcement March 2 that it has selected a design for the country’s first post-Cold War nuclear warhead will likely encourage other countries to acquire nuclear weapons, critics say.

St. Patricks Day and the war in Iraq

This is not the first time an imperial power has recruited oppressed youth, who are denied opportunity at home, to fight and die to maintain world domination. On St. Patrick’s Day, when Irish history and culture are celebrated, we remember that the Irish people faced and resisted similar problems.

EDITORIAL: A path out of Iraq

Four long years. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people dead, thousands more wounded and their country destroyed. More than 3,200 U.S. soldiers dead, some 40,000 wounded. Over $408 billion wasted. Now, finally, there is some end in sight.

Quito gathering condemns U.S. military bases

The Bush administration took two big hits this month in Latin America. Not only did demonstrations dog the president across five nations, but the U.S. military, claiming 95 percent of the world’s foreign bases, was in the dock at the first International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases which opened March 5 in Quito, Ecuador.


Movement for peace grows in Connecticut

Even as U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman steps up his support for the Bush administration’s war on Iraq, the movement for peace grows in his home state.


Iraq exit hits Congress agenda: End date for war sets completely different course

House and Senate Democratic leaders announced new moves to begin U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq this year and set a specific timetable for ending the U.S. combat role by next fall. While not going as far or fast as some peace advocates wanted, it marks the first major congressional drive to end the war since the invasion four years ago.