End this war As Iraq war enters fifth year, protests sweep the country

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands protested the Iraq war in Washington and in cities and towns across the nation the weekend of March 16-19, the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


Iraq exit hits Congress agenda: End date for war sets completely different course

House and Senate Democratic leaders announced new moves to begin U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq this year and set a specific timetable for ending the U.S. combat role by next fall. While not going as far or fast as some peace advocates wanted, it marks the first major congressional drive to end the war since the invasion four years ago.


Who will control Iraqs oil? Draft law would open door for multinationals to move in

Under heavy pressure from the U.S., Iraq’s cabinet approved a draft oil law, Feb. 26, that would effectively shift control of the country’s huge oil resources to multinational corporations, experts charge.

Privateers profit on GIs misery

WASHINGTON — Wounded soldiers and a soldier’s wife told a congressional hearing March 5 of their daily ordeal to get help at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, even as a memo released by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) exposed sharp staff cutbacks by a private contractor at the Army’s flagship medical complex.