Iraqi teachers union under attack

The Iraqi Teachers Union is facing extreme attack from the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government has appointed an official body and granted it the authority to take over the union. This government body demanded that the leadership of the union must hand over the keys to its headquarters along with membership and other records.

Unions to G20: Half measures wont fix broken global economy

In a worldwide push for action by G20 governments to pull the global economy out of recession and chart a new course for job creation, financial regulation and global governance, trade unions across the world delivered a common set of demands to their national governments this week. The five-point union plan sets out the actions needed to tackle the crisis and build a fairer and more sustainable world economy for the future.

Sea fishing 'the most dangerous job in the world'

A UN agency reported on Monday that fishing at sea is the most dangerous job in the world.


Kaisers versus cashier: In Germany discount store workers are under attack

BERLIN – She’s called Emmely; her real name is Barbara E. – with the family name omitted in line with legal practice here. All over Germany people are talking about her, most frequently with anger in their voices. For Emmely, a cashier in East Berlin, was fired by her discount store employer for allegedly filching 1.30 euro – less than one dollar.