WORLDNOTES: India, Iraq, Southern Africa, Turkey, Haiti, Cuba

India: New left electoral coalition formed Iraq: Marshland crisis continues Southern Africa: Trade talks contentious Turkey: Water Forum reconvenes Haiti: Aristide party fights for election participation

Northern Ireland unites to prevent return of The Troubles

BELFAST, N. Ireland — Several thousand Catholics and Protestants united in a silent protest here after last month’s killing of two soldiers and a policeman two days later. Two other soldiers and two pizza delivery men were seriously wounded.

Visa campaign launched for Cuban Five families

Prisoners need to see their families. The United Nations Human Rights Commission urges a minimum standard that prisoners be allowed “regular” communication with family “by correspondence and by receiving visits.”

No more troops to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is increasingly in the spotlight, as the time approaches for the Obama administration to make public the results of its comprehensive review of strategic policy there.