The 2002 elections: a preview

Every time an election rolls around some pundit calls it “the most important election in years.” Another says it’s “the most important election in our lifetime,” while yet another says “it’s the most important election in recent memory.” So take your pick, but when it comes to the 2002 election, we say “all of the above.”

AFL-CIO maps big 2002 election drive

NEW YORK – AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told reporters that the May 22 decision of the federation’s General Board to increase financial support for the federation’s Labor 2002 election campaign is propelled by the issues facing working families. “Real life examples of the last year – the Enron scandal, the squandering of the federal budget on a tax cut for the rich, the President’s plan to privatize Social Security, his drive to expand trade negotiating authority and historic unemployment – are proof that working people need a strong voice in politics to shift the balance of power in Washington away from business and back to workers,” said Sweeney. To hear a four-minute audio interview of PWW reporter Fred Gaboury about the AFL-CIO decision to increase funding of their election 2002 campaign, click here.

Steelworker wins key election

GARY, Ind. - A grassroots campaign by steelworker and union leader Mary Elgin resulted in what is being called the biggest political upset in decades in this solidly working-class community. Elgin defeated Dozier Allen for Calumet Township Trustee with 48 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. A victory in the primary here is tantamount to being elected, since there is rarely a Republican challenge. For the entire article, click on the headline. Elgin is also a local leader of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.

Election battle heats up as Bush met by protest

CHICAGO - Over 300 demonstrators representing 35 organizations denounced Bush administration policies outside the Sheraton Hotel here May 13, while the President was inside wining and dining with Republican fat cats. Bush was here to tout his welfare reform proposals and raise campaign funds for Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan, who is battling Democrat Rod Blagojevich.