Church group calls for education reform

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Executive Board of the U.S. National Council of Churches (NCC) met here May 14 to stand in solidarity with Good Schools PA advocates for public education reform. Together they are calling on the Pennsylvania legislature to pass comprehensive public education reform legislation that would provide funding equity for the state's schools.

Paul Robeson concert to be commemorated

Will Parry, now head of the Seattle chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans, attended the concert by Paul Robeson when he sang at the Peace Arch Park on the U.S.-Canadian border near Blaine, Wash., on May 18, 1952.

May Day rally focuses on unity, elections

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - In his keynote speech to the historic 2002 People's Weekly World Newsmaker Awards rally, John Olsen, president of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, paid tribute to the pioneering leadership of the left in our country's history and its role in galvanizing broad movements to win labor and people's gains.

Mother's Day rally includes resistance pledge

BATH, Maine - Walking slowly over the Kennebec River Bridge on May 12, 300 peace activists looked down on four nuclear-armed destroyers under construction for the U.S. Navy at the Bath Iron Works here. The skies threatened rain, drums sounded and solidarity honks were heard from passing cars.

Farm bill a 'mixed bag,' farm leaders say

Farm leaders say the farm bill signed into law by President George Bush on May 13 is a 'mixed bag' that, although not perfect, is an improvement over current law.

When man bites dog...

Headlines are supposed to give some idea about the subject or substance of the article that follows. That's why we chose this headline. When the cover story of the May 13 U.S.News and World Report, one of the nation's most widely-read business magazines, is an investigative report titled 'Profiteers of War,' with a subhead reading 'How some of America's biggest corporations are making millions off the defense build-up since 9/11,' you've got a classic example of man biting dog.

Resolution on Rep. Kucinich's 'Prayer for America'

The following resolution dealing with post-Sept. 11 issues of war, civil liberties, economics and more, was initiated by United Association (UA) Local 393 in San Jose, California, and was passed by unanimous vote of the delegates from 26 local unions on May 11 at the 82nd Convention of the California State Pipe Trades Council, representing some 30,000 members of the Plumbers and Fitters Union throughout the State of California. Kucinich's speech, delivered the weekend of Feb. 23, can be found in the March 2 edition of the People's Weekly World or at

Who does the work?

The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Hoffman Plastics is not only another instance of class justice, or rather, injustice; the logic of Chief Justice William Rehnquist makes it plain that the court's majority lives in denial of the social reality millions of working people face every day.

Indian, U.S. women: Solidarity in the struggle for better world

The following is a statement of solidarity from the women's equality commission of the Communist Party USA sent to the National Federation of Indian Women in honor of their 16th conference just held in Chennai.

Gersons tied knot 70 years ago ...Still blissful!

Family, friends and comrades of Si and Sophie Gerson will toast the couple's 70th wedding anniversary during a gala celebration May 19 at Winston Unity Center in Manhattan.

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