We protest the war and remember

Opinion We forget stories at our peril. Stories of violence, racism and militarism testify to the existence of an overarching system. Minders of the status quo would have the rough edges of such stories glossed over, would have us forget them.

New dangers and tasks for the new peace movement

We are living in exceedingly dangerous times. A decade ago, few of us expected this turn of events. With the end of the nuclear standoff between the United States and Soviet Union, millions of people felt enormous relief, believing that the nuclear arms race was giving way to a new era of peace.

Sharon sabotages Road Map peace plan

TEL AVIV – Acts of escalated state terror, engineered and ordered by the Israeli rulers and their so-called security forces, have injured over 200 and cost the lives of at least 25 Palestinians and five Israelis during the last week.

The people of Korea pursue peace

The Bush administration continues to foster belligerency and the threat of war against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (north Korea).

ILWU convention calls for peace, not war

SAN FRANCISCO — The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) called on the Bush administration and Congress to adopt policies of peace, as delegates to the 32nd International Convention overwhelmingly passed resolutions against the war in Iraq and in opposition to President Bush’s foreign policy.