Will Road Map help win just Mideast peace?

News Analysis The “Road Map” for peace in the Middle East issued by the “Quartet” (European Union, Russia, United Nations and U.S.) can prove helpful in achieving a just peace – but only if the peoples of the world, especially those of Palestine, Israel, and the U.S., compel the Israeli government and the Bush administration to accept a just solution.

Students lobby for books not bombs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) announced on April 24 a campaign on voter registration, education and action to mobilize the youth vote. Student activists across the country will deliver pledge cards to elected officials on May 6, declaring their intent to vote for “Books Not Bombs” in the 2004 election.

Support for Israeli refuseniks urged

On April 15, five more young men joined the growing ranks of Israelis who refuse to enlist in the military because of their conscientious objection to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories, and to the actions by which the army enforces it. The Israeli Communist Party (ICP) has issued a special appeal for solidarity with all the conscientious objectors (also known as “refuseniks”) who refuse military service because of the occupation policy.

CPUSA: End U.S. aggression vs. Cuba

The following is a statement issued by the Communist Party USA National Board on April 30. While the world’s eyes were focused on Iraq, the same Bush administration that invaded that country in defiance of world and U.S. public opinion used the crisis to escalate its already onerous pressure on Cuba.

U.S. troops fire on Iraqi demonstrators

U.S. troops killed 15 Iraqis including at least six children and wounded 75 at a rally near Baghdad April 29, and killed another two civilians and wounded 18 the next day during a march of 1,000 people protesting the earlier killings. Although U.S. commanders claimed the shootings were in self-defense, witnesses said the troops had not been threatened.