Will Road Map help win just Mideast peace?

News Analysis The “Road Map” for peace in the Middle East issued by the “Quartet” (European Union, Russia, United Nations and U.S.) can prove helpful in achieving a just peace – but only if the peoples of the world, especially those of Palestine, Israel, and the U.S., compel the Israeli government and the Bush administration to accept a just solution.

U.S. occupation thwarts Iraqi democracy

The U.S. occupation boss in Iraq, Paul Bremer, has again delayed the formation of what he now calls an “interim Iraqi authority.” He projected mid-July as a likely date – more than a month later than originally planned.

Communist Party membership drive set

DALLAS – Jimmy Wheaton thinks that the Communist Party’s nationwide distribution and membership drive is coming at a good time. “There are a lot of people like me who have been meaning to get active. They’re taking a look at the situation out there now and deciding what I decided.”

Peace groups mobilize against usable nukes

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate voted 51 to 43 to lift a ban on research on so-called “low yield” nuclear weapons, caving in to Bush administration plans to develop a new generation of “usable” nuclear warheads as part of George W. Bush’s preemptive war doctrine.

Congos fighting serves corporate interests

This month’s outbreak of renewed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) threatens to further weaken this central African country and perpetuate its economic dependence on the U.S. and other big capitalist powers.

Sharon torpedoes any peace efforts

KIBBUTZ BEIT OREM, Israel – The Bush administration calls their plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis a “roadmap.” But U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived in Jerusalem and Ramallah, and departed.

Earth Day protest hits war contractor

TUCSON – Contrary to its original purpose, Earth Day in many communities has turned into a commercial extravaganza extolling the ecological practices of polluters and earth destroyers.

Protesters reclaim rights at Oakland docks

OAKLAND – Bowing to intense pressure from the community and public officials, Oakland police remained largely on the sidelines as more than a thousand demonstrators, May 12, reasserted their constitutional right to picket at the docks against companies profiteering from the occupation of Iraq.

We protest the war and remember

Opinion We forget stories at our peril. Stories of violence, racism and militarism testify to the existence of an overarching system. Minders of the status quo would have the rough edges of such stories glossed over, would have us forget them.

New dangers and tasks for the new peace movement

We are living in exceedingly dangerous times. A decade ago, few of us expected this turn of events. With the end of the nuclear standoff between the United States and Soviet Union, millions of people felt enormous relief, believing that the nuclear arms race was giving way to a new era of peace.

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