A measuring stick

Now that President Bush has embarked on giving all Iraqis a national health program, members of Congress are finally sitting up and taking notice. “What about here?”

National Clips

HONOLULU, Hawaii: State legislature challenges Patriot Act / Kentucky and Oklahoma: Save our schools / BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Drummond Coal sued for murder of Colombian miners

ChoicePoint sells personal data to U.S.

ChoicePoint, Inc., a data-processing firm, is selling government data bases on residents of 10 Latin American nations to the U.S. government, allowing them to track immigrants entering or living in this country ChoicePoint is notorious for purging Black and Latino voters in Florida to help George W. Bush steal the 2000 elections.

Bush charges ahead on tax cuts to the rich

Despite deep splits in Republican congressional ranks and opinion polls that show overwhelming public opposition, President Bush used the occasion of Tax Day to launch a nationwide blitz in a renewed effort to win major tax breaks for the top 1 percent of U.S. tax payers.