McCarthyisms stench

Editorial The lid was pried opened this week on the Joe McCarthy archives. The files contain the transcripts of the secret proceedings conducted by Sen. Joseph McCarthy during his notorious anti-communist witch hunt in the 1950s. They were sealed for 50 years.

Mothers Day Proclamation

Each year the president issues a Mother’s Day Proclamation. The original Mother’s Day Proclamation was made in 1870. Written by Julia Ward Howe, perhaps best known today for having written the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in 1862 when she was an antislavery activist, the original Proclamation was an impassioned call for peace and disarmament. In the years following the Civil War her political activism increased, as did her condemnation of war. Here are the words to the original Mother’s Day Proclamation:

Bebel Gilberto sings

Music review: Bebel Gilberto sings De Tarde, Vendo O Mar, The Sound of Brazil (Evolver)

King Coal: Revisited

BOOK REVIEW Coal: A Human History, By Barbara Freese, Perseus Publishing, 308 pages

Extended unemployment benefits to expire May 31

Sad to say, the fact that the official unemployment rate jumped from 5.8 percent in March to 6.0 percent in April is not the most troubling statistic in the Labor Department’s April unemployment report.

Texas House takes aim at worker benefits

AUSTIN – When the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 2292 on April 25, the stark vision of what compassionate conservatism looks like came more sharply into focus: fewer social services that are more difficult for working people to gain access to, wholesale privatization of these services, and the loss of thousands of public service jobs.

Support the World/Mundo

During these difficult times of war, rising poverty and inequality, and attacks on basic hard-won democratic rights, the independent press – a press independent of the monopoly corporate and far right wing control – is a key part of struggling for a better society.