Antiwar activists take struggle to Capitol Hill: Massacre spurs opposition to Iraq war

WASHINGTON — Peace activists from 23 states and the District of Columbia converged on Capitol Hill, May 22, to lobby their senators and representatives for an end to the Iraq war, just as reports of a massacre by U.S. Marines of 23 innocent Iraqis, including at least seven women and three children, exposed the brutal nature of the U.S. occupation of that country.

Three decades later, Agent Orange still ravages Vietnam, GIs

An unprecedented meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, March 28-29, proved that wounds from the Vietnam War are still open and bleeding three decades after that conflict supposedly ended. It was the first International Conference of Victims of Agent Orange, and it attracted people from more than a dozen countries who are suffering the aftereffects of their exposure to Agent Orange, dioxin, and other toxic agents sprayed recklessly on Vietnam during the 10-year war.

Defense Dept. goes after vets job preference rights

HONOLULU (PAI) — Don Bongo is both mad and sad at his military and civilian boss, Donald Rumsfeld. Bongo, you see, wears two hats: In regular life, he is a federal civilian defense worker at Pearl Harbor, one of almost 800,000 nationwide, and a federal union member. But for the last six months, until Jan. 19, he was an engineer with the Hawaii National Guard, serving in Iraq.

Southeast Europe protests NATO expansion plans

ATHENS, Greece — During her recent visit to Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was met by thousands of protesters wherever she stopped. The demonstrations, which were organized by communist parties, trade unions and peace groups, included banners that read, “No to imperialists, murderers of the peoples!”

Darfur peace pact raises hopes

Hopes are high that Sudan’s western Darfur region is on the road to peace. The African Union announced on May 5 that an agreement to end the war in Darfur was signed between the Sudanese government and the Mani Arkoi Minawi faction of the Sudanese Liberation Movement, the largest by far of the three Darfuri rebel groups.

The U.S., Iran and nuclear politics

In the midst of the muddy controversies surrounding the U.S.-Iran nuclear crisis lies a larger struggle for control of the greater Middle East and Central Asian region.


No permanent bases Congress vote shows growing public pressure to exit Iraq

WASHINGTON — Peace organizations hailed Senate enactment May 3 of an amendment by Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) that cuts off funds for construction of permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq while affirming that the U.S. does not seek “control over the oil infrastructure or oil resources of Iraq.”

Israel plans fence for Jerusalem

Israel’s cabinet voted April 30 to lay temporary fencing around areas of Jerusalem where the West Bank apartheid wall has not yet been built. Ir Amim, an Israeli group that campaigns for Palestinian rights, said the fencing will disrupt the lives of thousands of Palestinians who enter the city every day for jobs, services or schooling.


350,000 march for peace and justice

NEW YORK — On a perfect spring day 350,000 people flowed down Broadway April 29, marching to bring the troops home from Iraq, for health care and education, to rebuild a nation torn by war, hurricanes and Bush administration lies.

At Least 350,000 March for Peace, Justice & Democracy

The streets of New York City echoed today with the chants, songs and shouts of at least 350,000 people from across the United States.

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