Why we fight for immigrant rights

Many workers — union and nonunion — ask why unions support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Why, as one member puts it, are we fighting for the “illegals who have been taking our jobs”? I remind them of a powerful statement from labor’s past that lives on today: An injury to one is an injury to all.

Health care struggles sweep Ohio

As poll numbers for the Republicans who currently rule Ohio continue to drop to record lows, the issue of health care justice is emerging as a key electoral issue in this swing state. A series of struggles for health care justice are developing throughout Ohio.

Taking back Ohio!

Under the banner headline “Take Back Ohio,” the Ohio AFL-CIO has put in place a 10-zone statewide political structure. The Take Back Ohio political organization, while working in cooperation with the area labor federations, is nevertheless an independent labor political structure dealing solely with working-class issues and endorsed candidates.


Puerto Ricos workers resist govt layoffs

Marches, picket lines and other demonstrations are shaking Puerto Rico as the colonial administration closed down government agencies and schools, ironically enough, on May 1 — International Workers Day — in response to the island nation’s budget crisis. Up to 100,000 people, over 6 percent of the workforce, are losing their public sector jobs in this country of about 4 million.

Connecticut readers to honor newsmakers

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — “Today we march, tomorrow we vote” is the theme of this year’s celebration and presentation of People’s Weekly World “Newsmaker Awards” on the occasion of International Workers Day.