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Venezuelas rightists raise din on TV issue

The Venezuelan television channel RCTV will be ending its operation at midnight May 26. The government of President Hugo Chavez is not renewing the station’s 20-year-old public broadcasting license.


Media often abets sex trafficking

UNITED NATIONS — At a recent conference here sponsored by the Republic of Belarus on the global problem of sexual slavery, two high-ranking officials from Belarus spoke to the World about the responsibility of the mass media in the fight against sex trafficking.

Abu-Jamal lawyers cite bias in call for new trial

PHILADELPHIA — Lawyers for Mumia Abu-Jamal told a federal appeals court here May 17 that Abu-Jamal should get a new trial because prosecutors illegally excluded Blacks from the jury that convicted him in 1982.

Fighting the ravages of luxury towers

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — In most of the country, the housing boom is past. Not in New York City. Apartments, office towers, hotels, luxury entertainment facilities and mixed-use complexes rise to 70 stories. In recent years, housing costs were 30 percent of family income, but now in Manhattan they are 50 percent for many families.

Autoworkers wary of Chrysler sale

DETROIT — The restructuring taking place in the auto industry took a dramatic turn May 15 when Cerberus, the New York private equity investment firm, acquired an 80.1 percent controlling share of Chrysler and renamed it Chrysler Holdings. Daimler, formerly DaimlerChrysler, will retain a 19.1 percent share.

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