The age of progress?

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels ushered in a new philosophical view in their various works. Dialectical materialism became the scientific method which made sense of the universe. It has been borne out in quantum physics and other scientific endeavors including the study of history.

Taking global poverty seriously

Scatter-shot efforts, no matter how innovative, will not suffice to reverse the awful trends now evident around the world. New plagues — AIDS, drug-resistant tuberculosis and hospital-acquired “superbugs” of all sorts — sweep rapidly across vast swathes of land, blurring national boundaries.

Three contrasting congresses meet in Germany

One key campaign is to get the NPD outlawed. The petition to achieve this states that 'Fascism is no political position, it is a crime.' Forbidding the party would hardly end its growing menace but would prevent neo-Nazis from using the large sums of the government money offered all political parties to spread hate propaganda.

Opinion: We are all Sean Bell

As an African American man, there is something counter-intuitive to voluntarily risking arrest. So it was powerful that, among the interracial crowd, African American men made up a majority.

Editorial: Israel's 60th anniversary

May 14 marked the 60th anniversary of the formation of the state of Israel. It has had a complex, troubled history, with many conflicting views about what happened and why.