Exposing Bushs assaults on Venezuela

Building on her earlier book “The Chavez Code” (Olive Branch Press, 2006), Eva Golinger has written “Bush vs. Chavez, Washington’s War on Venezuela,” a riveting, comprehensive rundown on continuing U.S. assaults against the Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez. Golinger is a lawyer living in Venezuela who grew up and was educated in the United States.

Hold on to your seats in Redbelt

Don’t miss the film “Redbelt.” But, when you sit down in the theater, make sure you have a good seat belt (regardless of the color).

Whats on - May 31, 2008

Oakland, Calif. New York City Sheboygan, Wis. Chicago

McCain and Hagee

After months of refusing to do so, John McCain has finally rejected the endorsement of his bid for the presidency by the ultra-right-wing “pastor” John Hagee. The so-called rejection came after media reports showed Hagee had described Hitler and the Holocaust as God’s vehicles for getting the Jews back to Israel.

Stop the ICE raids now

The headlines say it all: “900 nabbed in state on immigration charges,” “A raid on fairness,” “Immigration raids terrify kids, House is told.”

Wishing labors lion well

Senate Labor Committee Chairman Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) is receiving millions of notes of encouragement in his battle against an inoperable brain tumor.

American Axle workers take cuts, hope to fight another day

Three decades of right-wing attacks on the labor and peoples movements have taken their toll ,but workers continue to fight back, winning some battles and losing others.

After 13 weeks, a slap in the face

I have written tons of letters and blogs the past few months but I have been so overwhelmed with this that I really wasn’t sure of my thoughts.

Indian workers stage D.C. hunger strike

A group of Indian “guest” workers and their supporters in the U.S. labor movement rallied at the Capitol May 20 after the workers staged a six-day “water only” hunger strike at the White House. The workers came to Washington to shed a national spotlight on their plight and that of similar workers lured to the U.S. by American companies and then ruthlessly exploited.

Governors latest budget proposals: Gambling with Californias future

As the implications sink in, a new poll shows a majority of Californians reject Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest proposals to deal with a $15.2 billion deficit in the state’s budget for the coming fiscal year. Though California’s deficit is by far the largest of any state, over half of U.S. states face similar problems.

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