Steelworkers walk out in France

Steelworkers from the Fos-sur-Mer Arcelor Mittal plant demonstrate in Marseille, southern France, May 26.

Woman gets jail for 'American Idol' stalking

Xinhuanet -- An Australian woman who stalked 'American Idol' contestant Diana DeGarmo over the internet was sentenced to 26 months in prison Friday.

US hides sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib

Washington, May 28 (Prensa Latina) The Pentagon sought to publish pictures on torture applied by the CIA in the prison of Abu Ghraib during the administration of George W. Bush, but President Barack Obama revoked its decision.

Caracas shuns gold firm as state pushes forward with development

Venezuela has refused to renew a gold concession held by the US Gold Reserve corporation as the government boosts state control over its mineral wealth.

Irish abuse churches must pay, prime minister argues

Irish leaders declared on Wednesday that the secretive Catholic orders responsible for abusing children in workhouse-style schools must pay a greater share of compensation for victims.


Susan Boyle faces final hurdle in dreamlike rise

LONDON (AP) — It's always a bad hair day for Susan Boyle — until she starts to sing.

Shadow wars: Is civilian control of war slipping away?

Sudan: The two F-16s caught the trucks deep in the northern desert. Within minutes, the column of vehicles was a string of shattered wrecks burning fiercely in the January sun. No country took responsibility or claimed credit. There were no sharp exchanges of diplomatic notes before the attack, just sudden death and mayhem.


In Israel, democratic rights in peril

The Israeli government this week took a new step to suppress democratic rights in Israel. The government has approved a bill banning all commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba of 1948, under penalty of imprisonment.

Auto workers take wage cuts

Canadian Auto Workers members have voted to support a cost-cutting deal with General Motors as the US corporation bids to qualify for more government handouts.

N. Korea nuclear test draws universal condemnation

North Korea has drawn universal condemnation following its announcement yesterday that it had carried out an underground nuclear weapons test. It also apparently test-fired several short-range missiles.

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