Celebrating their fifth

Gay couples who brought the landmark lawsuit that led to the first legalized gay marriages in the United States at reunion in Newton Mass, May, 17, celebrate their fifth anniversaries, five years after Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage.

Civil rights leaders rejoice in Sotomayor nomination

President Barack Obama’s May 26 nomination of New York Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has drawn praise from Latino leaders and civil rights and women’s advocates. Sotomayor would be the first Latina justice on the high court.

Connecticut town hall meet favors not-for-profit health care

DERBY, Conn. -- In search of a solution to the health care crisis, several hundred people jammed into the Griffin Hospital auditorium Saturday for a town hall meeting with Sen. Chris Dodd, Rep. Rosa DeLauro and Obama health director Nancy-Ann DeParle. The meeting was called as legislation in Congress is on a fast track, with the issue of a public choice at the center of the debate, and the sentiment was strong for a public health care system.

Montana mayor says his town will take 100 Gitmo prisoners

Dick Cheney is slamming the Obama administration for its plan to close the notorious Guantanamo military prison. Cheney claimed this week that he didn’t “know a single congressional district in this country that is going to say, gee, great, they’re sending us 20 Al Qaida terrorists.” But Ron Adams, mayor of Hardin, Mont., told the World that his town is requesting that 100 Gitmo detainees be sent there, where they could be held in the empty local prison and then get “fair trials like everyone is entitled to.”

What now on health care reform?

With the new balance of forces in Washington, a path has opened for us to achieve a first, true step towards turning around our nation’s health care crisis and achieving quality, affordable health care for everyone.