Bushs divine mission?

Opinion U.S. capitalism is in the grips of a profound crisis. To address this crisis the Bush administration is engaged in a radical project that can legitimately be labeled “messianic imperialism.”

African Americans in peril under the Patriot Act

Opinion Myths about the Patriot Act and how it affects the Black community are downright deadly. A potent myth is that the Patriot Act only affects a tiny number of Arabs and Muslims who were rounded up immediately after Sept. 11.

An outbreak of sanity

Opinion, sponsor of a recent speech by Al Gore, and recipient of a $5 million contribution from billionaire George Soros, is reaping the benefits of a developing split in the ruling class.

Cuts for veterans are shameful and hypocritical

Opinion I am the national president of Veterans For Peace, an organization made up of men and women veterans of all eras dedicated to the cause of world peace and social justice. I am also a coordinator with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and a co-founder of the Jersey City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee.