Bush election: Team World got clobbered

Most world leaders responded to the election of George W. Bush with diplomatically crafted congratulations. But beneath the polite veneer, a number of governments signaled their continuing disagreement with the administration’s approach to international affairs and especially to the war and occupation in Iraq.

Latino vote expert disputes exit polls

LOS ANGELES — Latino leaders are disputing election exit polls that indicate a more than 10 percent increase in support for George W. Bush in 2004 compared to 2000. They point to an exit poll designed to reflect Latino demographics indicating that the Latino vote stayed at 2-to-1 for the Democratic ticket. click here for Spanish text

Vote barriers, theft charges swirl around election

Investigation, overhaul of process demanded Charges of possible vote theft, vote suppression and systemic voting problems are swirling around the Nov. 2 elections, with three congressmen calling for investigation of voting irregularities.