CIA Operation Pliers uncovered in Venezuela

An internal CIA memorandum has been obtained by Venezuelan counterintelligence from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas that reveals a very sinister — almost fantastical, were it not true — plan to destabilize Venezuela during the coming days.

Annapolis: photo-op or opportunity?

Despite considerable skepticism about the Israeli-Palestinian conference convened by President Bush in Annapolis, Md., Nov. 27, Jewish and Palestinian American peace advocates say it offers an opportunity for peace, if peace supporters keep the pressure on.

International pressure on Israel to meet the conditions for peace is a must

The Palestinian People's Party Politburo held a meeting which discussed the current political developments and the American call to hold the international meeting in Annapolis.

With veto, Bush turns his back on vital services

WASHINGTON — On Nov. 14, President Bush vetoed a funding bill that would have increased spending for health, education and job training by $150.7 billion. Bush complained that it was “wasteful spending,” but he then signed a $471 billion Pentagon budget, a 9.5 percent increase, the largest military budget in U.S. history


Bay Area city councils on record vs. attacking Iran

OAKLAND, Calif. — In a resolution passed Nov. 6, the Oakland City Council declared its strong opposition to the Bush administration’s growing threats to attack Iran, and called on California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to lead efforts for Congress to exert its authority over U.S. military policy and funding.


Antiwar high school students win victory: Supporters say Expel military recruiters, not students

BERWYN, Ill. — All we wanted to do was send a message of peace and “bring an end to the conflict in Iraq,” student Matt Heffernan told reporters in front of Morton West High School here Nov. 6.

Japanese rally against pro-war laws, tax hikes

TOKYO — About 42,000 workers and citizens from all over the country rallied here Oct. 28 in opposition to an “anti-terrorism special measures” bill, the proposed revision of Japan’s constitution to permit military operations abroad, and tax hikes on consumer goods.


From Pakistan to Iran: Bush policy spreads war danger

The new crisis in Pakistan demonstrates the hypocrisy of Bush administration saber-rattling against Iran, foreign policy analysts say.

Whats behind the price of a soldiers gear?

From World War II to the present, the cost of outfitting a soldier went from $170 to $17,000. It’s expected to reach $28,000-$60,000 in this decade. Every life is indeed precious, regardless of the price, but let us look at what’s behind the price.

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