Who is a patriot?

I attended the United for Peace and Justice demonstration in New Orleans on Oct. 27, which called for an end to the Iraq war, opposed military aggression against Iran and supported the long overdue rebuilding of New Orleans. I felt proud to stand next to Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and other peace-promoting organizations.

EDITORIAL: Pilgrims without papers

Three hundred and eighty-six years ago a group of undocumented immigrants and native-born Americans feasted together for three days to celebrate a successful harvest made possible by mutual cooperation.

EDITORIAL: Costs of racism

An important part of what is often called “the American dream” is the ability of successive generations to climb the economic ladder. With workers’ productivity rising decade by decade, that should be the reality for working-class families.

House votes to ban anti-gay bias at work

On Nov. 7, the House of Representatives passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a historic civil rights measure that would bar discrimination against workers in hiring, firing, or promotion based on sexual orientation. The vote was 235-184.

Victory for Iraq war refuser

Supporters of First Lt. Ehren Watada rejoiced over a federal judge’s injunction last week barring a new court-martial for the officer who refused to serve in Iraq. But they also urged stepped-up pressure to drop all charges and release Watada from the Army with an honorable discharge.