Iraq-U.S. pact sets end to occupation

Iraq’s Parliament is expected to vote Nov. 24 on an Iraq-U.S. agreement that sets a fixed 2011 end-date for withdrawal of all U.S. troops, with no exceptions or extensions.

EDITORIAL: A different Thanksgiving

As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving this year, the day is passing like many others for billions of people around the world. In India, women with children and husbands (some of whom have already worked themselves to death) toil barefoot and, with their bare hands, haul heavy loads of dirt at construction sites. They earn less than $2.50 per day.

EDITORIAL: First YouTube president

Over 4 million people are expected to descend on Washington’s Mall in January to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration, in what will surely be the largest gathering in U.S. history. As Obama said on election night: “Change has come to America.”

LETTERS: November 22

Tues., Nov. 4, 2008 Nationalize the banks What Ohio labor leaders say Congo’s historic urgency

OPINION: A rescue package for working women

Wall Street tycoons behave irresponsibly, bring the country to financial brink, hold out their hands for an 11-figure bailout — and lobbyists applaud that as a rescue.

OPINION: Unity needed after Prop. 8

The anti-gay-marriage amendment that passed in California, known as Proposition 8, not only took away the right of gays to marry but has also sown distrust and disunity. With the initiative’s stunning 52 percent to 48 percent passage, many were left confused and angered. How could this much-touted gay-friendly state, with its gay meccas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, approve such a measure?

Israel and the current capitalist crisis

The financial crisis does not skip over Israel. The country that has been integrating itself in global capitalist markets in the last few decades is once again seeing the ugliest side of capitalism, as the stock markets have dropped over a stunning 10 percent since the beginning of the month and the GDP growth forecast for the next couple of years has been slashed.